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Wild Atlantic Heart EP by Elliott Joseph

Due to be launched on 26th August this is Elliott's debut EP.

Describing his music as Folk and Celtic Rock with a hit of Country Elliott Joseph has written something a little different here. The more I listen to this EP the more I like it. Every song is different in style from the previous one.

A Song for the Summer starts the EP off in a rocky way combining the typically Irish sounding fiddle parts with rocky guitar riffs.

Pretty Eyes in Haunted Dreams is probably the most traditionally country sounding song on the EP. It is the sort of style that drew me to country music in the first place.

Wild Atlantic Heart is the title track and featuring celtic fiddle playing at its best.

Thompson's Farm is a beautiful stripped back ballad.

No Moving On is stunning. It's guitar solo outro should be on repeat in my car.

This EP would be a fabulous addition to any music collection.

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