A Long Way From Home EP by Kerrie Fuller

This is a stripped back acoustic Ep with a mandolin at the forefront of each song giving Kerrie Fuller a recognisable sound.

A Long Way from Home is quite a dramatic song with haunting vocals. She feels alone without the love of her life at her side. She feels a long way from home.

I Wish That I'd Known You Then is a little more mainstream with a catchy melody.

Leave Tonight really shows the multiple harmonies which are quite dominant in this song creating a completely different sound.

This is Goodbye is a song that instantly stands out to me personally. It has a real country vibe to it. Its upbeat and cheerful and it had me humming along.

The more I listened to this ep the more I liked it. Why don't you try it too. Available from 10th August 2018. Head over to Kerrie Fuller Music on facebook to find out how you can get it for free.

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