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An Interview with Outlander

Last summer Anthony caught up with Outlander at Buckle & Boots.

Anthony - Hi, I'm Anthony for Forever British Country and I'm with Outlander. Could you all introduce yourselves please.

Hi I'm Ali the lead singer

Hi I'm Alex the lead guitarist

I'm Lowri and I'm the drummer

I'm Brian rhythm guitarist

and I'm David and I play bass

Anthony - How did Outlander come about?

Ali - We were all in a previous band - sensitive subject - and we just kind of merged into Outlander about 2 years ago and we all love country music. We're kind of a country pop fusion band so that's what we all love and that's what we all listen too. It felt like the right choice anyway.

Anthony - Where abouts are you all based?

Ali - North East. Kind of all over the North East really.

Anthony - I know you have an EP. Are there any plans for another one?

Ali - Yes. We've got some demo's here today, just rough demos that we are planning on recording and remastering over the next few weeks so hopefully we will have some stuff out by middle to late august.

Anthony - Your latest single 'Old School' what's that about?

Ali - That's Brians wife.

Brian - My wife sitting on the settee, ignoring us, going on Instagram and snap chat and I'm saying

how has your day been here and she says yes I'll have a gin and tonic please, thanks very much, so we played with that and I sort of exaggerated it didn't I.

Anthony - What are the future plans for Outlander?

Ali - We have 5 festivals coming up. Some are country some not. That's what we want to do. Be a bit of a crossover band really, we are playing festivals with Jules Holland, Alison Moyet, The Buzzcocks. We've got loads really.

Anthony - If you were to take a none country song and do a cover of it what would it be? I like your cover of Galway girl by Ed Sheeran, I played that the other night. I'm not really an Ed Sheeran fan but I like your cover.

Band -(All together) Thank you very much. Chunky by Bruno Mars,

Band - That's a good one or Higher Ground by Stevie Wonder

Band - That's fabulous or anything by John Mayer.

Lowri - Crossroads by John Meyer. Come on guys, lets do it.

Anthony - What's the reason for them though?

Lowri - Cos its the best song in the world. That's the reason..

Band - We like playing songs that are quite funky that we can bounce off each other.

We are not a slow song band. We do Uptown Funk quite often. Our newest song that we want to record is called 'All Over Again'

Anthony - Thank you Outlander. I am Anthony for Forever British Country.

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