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Una Healy at The Lexington - Support Jacob Lee

This would be my first time at The Lexington which is about a 5 minute walk from Angel Station. The Lexington as a venue is situated in the upstairs of the pub itself and upon entry it felt very similar to The Camden Assembly with a raised stage and bar area sunken standing area in the middle with a capacity of 200.

This would also be my first time seeing Una Healy in a headline slot, previous times being opening slot for the C2C Road show and writers round also at C2C,

First thing I notice that there was distinct mixed crowd of country music fans and fans of her previous band The Saturdays

Jacob lee started the music off with a couple of great songs and then mentioned that he will be releasing an album this year by releasing one song every month for 12 months which I thought was quite a clever idea.

After a brief break, Una came on to nicely packed crowd although it was 15 minutes prior to her set time listed on The Lexington’s twitter page. She came on with her keyboard player and her guitarist and opened with 'All You Ever Need Is Love' from her debut album and then moved on to her duet with Brett Young 'In Case You Didn’t Know' which she did make a joke about Brett being unable to fly over for this Tour. She played a few songs from her debut album, a few covers and also a few Saturday’s songs which got a lot of the crowd singing along. The highlight of the covers for me being 'Wild Horses' by Christy More which was very stripped back and piano led and a beautiful version of 'Staring at the moon' which she had mentioned that she had written for her son so he would never feel alone when she wasn’t there .

She then moved on to some new material which she mentioned that she had been writing with a guy in Sweden tracks 'Wild Grasses' with folky sound and 'Please Don’t tell Me,'' Craving You', Then she moved on to a track 'Raider Of My Sleep' mentioning it was written for GCSE in Music at age 15. After that song she proceeded to play 'Stay My Love' where she mentioned that Sam Palladio was also unable to attend.

Thoughts..... Her performance was excellent with powerful voice slightly pop sounding at times but that was to be expected, I would have preferred a few less covers and slightly shorter set and perhaps drummer next time considering she has the backing of a major record label and quite a few smaller artists unsigned manage to bring drummers with either full kit or Cajon (drum box).

I would go and see her again once her second album comes out

Set list: 1. All You Ever Need Is Love 2. In Case You Didn’t Know 3. The Waiting Game 4. Wild Grasses 5. Riptide 6. Ride On 7. Black Is The Colour 8. Please Don’t Tell Me 9. Take Me Dancing 10. Raider Of My Sleep 11. These Days 12. Staring At The Moon 13. Craving You 14. Last Call 15. Never See Me Cry 16. Issues 17. Stay My Love

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