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Review of 'To The Ground' by Jonn Walker

'To The Ground' has a nice catchy traditional sounding melody, and is taken from Jonn's Partisan Palace EP.

The song has an upbeat tempo and has a solo in the middle with a blend of violin and piano. The two instruments have been arranged in a way that compliments each other really well.

The Lyrics are about a man reminiscing about his ex girlfriend.

He regrets not telling her how he felt about her when they were together and wonders that, if he had told her, would they still be together?

So he wants to meet her in the past.

In other words, he wishes he could go back in time because he would do things differently.

A very relatable song because this has happened to each and every one of us at some point in our lives. Go and check Jonn's website out at

You will also find him on - Twitter @JonnWalker_

Instagram - jwalker83 and facebook @JonnWalkerofficial

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