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Ash Cooper & The ACB George IV Lichfield 5/5/18

We arrived at the George IV at about 6pm. We had all arranged to meet up for a meal at the venue beforehand. The venue had been informed that morning that there would be 12 of us eating. Unfortunately it didn't happen like that. 2 of our party had ordered and then the manager decided that no more food was on offer. We obviously felt let down and a little annoyed. We ended up in McDonalds and we took food back to the pub for a few of our party.

Last summer the Line-up of the band changed. A new drummer and bassist were recruited. The new members Rich and Jay have played with existing members Ash and Alex in previous bands so the chemistry is there.

As you can see from the photo, this venue has a back room. There are pro's and cons to this type of set up. A band is not immediately visible to customers as they walk through the door and also the bar area had very loud music playing so you couldn't actually hear the band in the bar, Luckily, as the venue has bands regularly, a good few customers decided to check out the back room. The backroom would be perfect for a ticketed event as it is somewhat separate from the main bar area.

The band played from 9:30 to 11:30pm. Their set has changed beyond all recognition. They are no longer a covers band. Out of 25 songs only 5 were covers. They have more than an albums worth of new material and its bloody good. They have a new song called Him that I absolutely loved. It went down extremely well in Nashville a few weeks ago when Ash visited.

You still get all your favourite Ash Cooper band holler and swallers and they still know how to get a crowd to have fun as they have so much fun when they perform. You can really tell that they love what they do. The banter and interaction between them is what defines this band. And of course don't forget the table surfing and fabulous guitar solo's that Alex is famous for.

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