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FSA Presents Country Comes To Town with Darcy

At the weekend we went to Blackpool. We thought when Fort San Antone closed that we wouldn't be visiting the seaside resort again. I am glad Wayne Hadlow is giving us a reason to return occasionally. Needless to say we left home early and got there by 9am, parked at the hotel, booked into our room and got a tram to the south pier. All in plenty of time for breakfast.

The event was held at the Norbreck Bowling & Tennis Club in Clovelly Avenue at the north end of Blackpool. We got a very warm welcome from the locals as we had never been before. This is the 2nd or 3rd time this event has been held here. The DJ's being Wayne Hadlow and Alex Evans were all set and the music was playing. There was a Merchandise table set up where you could buy cowboy hats, boots and Cd's. Darcy, the duo for the evening were just making last minute adjustments to their instruments and PA system.

There was a good crowd in, Darcy were introduced and from the very first song people were

dancing. I even managed to get Ray Crawford to dance with me for a song. Darcy on guitar

accompanied by Ollie on Cajon, they sounded great. They did some covers I had never heard them do before plus of course their whole album. Each time we hear them they have something new in their set list which is great. One lady made a comment that they had done one of the songs better than the original which is fantastic news. They played for about an hour and then did a song that I requested as their encore. I love their version of Honky Tonk Stomp because they just rock it out. I had never heard them do it as a duo before though but I still really enjoyed it.

The disco then took over with some of the modern hits from America and still the people were dancing. I had another lovely surprise that evening too. Emma Jade Garbutt had come all the way from Doncaster to be there and she has her debut EP coming out on 23rd June. Produced by a Wandering Heart no less. Well I asked her if I could hear a song so she borrowed Darcy's guitar and we went into a side room and she played a song to me and another lady who heard her voice and decided to come and listen. It is fabulous.

I suggest you all buy the EP cos its going to be great.

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