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Melanie Interview

Hi everyone, I caught up with Melanie just after her first solo show at C2C Country to Country 2017

Keren - Hi Mel how are you?

Melanie - I'm good thank you.

Keren - We've just caught your set at C2C today. You were fabulous. You sound really really good. Are you well?

Melanie - I'm very well thank you. Feeling really good to get here and do a couple of sets.

Keren - I like your choice of songs. Really good. So where about in the country are you based so people can come out and see your gigs?

Melanie - Well I'm based just near Manchester, but we are planning to get further away so hang fire, there will be a few dates out there for gigs all over the country.

Keren - That's great news. So what made you decide to sing and write, and how long have you been doing that?

Melanie - Quite a few years now. Obviously I've just gone solo. I have been writing a lot recently and hopefully I will be putting some new solo stuff out there within the next couple of months.

Keren - That's fabulous, so we will watch this space for new music from you.

(Single was released last November

Keren - So if you were to choose a non country song and put a country twist on it, what song would you choose?

Melanie - What would I choose? A non country song? Probably Bat out of Hell or something (Giggle)

Keren - Woah, (laughs) so when do we get to hear this (laughs)

Melanie - That's pressure isn't it (Laughs) Oh well I might have to do that

Keren - Yes you might have to do that (Laughs)

Melanie - I have been writing a lot lately. I have done some co-writes with Ann Bailey and Amy Westney. I'm also off to America in a couple of months so there is a lot going on and there will be some new recorded material in the next few months.

Keren - Your new songs that you sang today were all really good. I really enjoyed that. And your version of Desperado is wonderful,. Did you hear them all singing along?

Melanie - I did. That was really nice.

Keren - It was really good. Is there anything else you would like to say to anybody Mel?

Melanie - Well just basically to thank everybody for coming out and listening and supporting me. You know, it's all been different but every body has really really shown their support and I really want to let everyone know that I really appreciate it.

Keren - Thank you very much Mel. I finally pinned you down (laughs) during a very hectic weekend.

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