A New Way to Contact Independent Country Radio Stations


Attention all you lovely artists and musicians -

A new way to get your new, current and pre-release music to as many radio show hosts as possible. All you need to do - is remember just ONE email address and from there, your music can be shared and accessed by many respected broadcasters across the UK and beyond.

So here it is - - - countryradioairplay@zoho.eu - - - the account will be monitored and then files distributed from there. Hosts will be asked to let you know as and when they play a track and hopefully this will lead to cross promotion. Promote the artists, promote the shows, everyone wins.

All we ask is, please tag each file with at least the song title and artist name. This does save your friendly local broadcaster lots of time.

We hope you appreciate this FREE way of getting your music out. There are currently loads of independent radio shows playing Country and several get syndicated across the world.

So please make note of this address and use it as soon as you have new music coming out. You could even use independent radio as the best way of presenting exclusive/first play tracks!

Thank you in advance - please share the details far and wide!

Lets all help each other

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