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Country On The Clyde 10th /11th March

A few days on from the end of the C2C weekend and I’ve now managed to get this blog started. This was the 2nd year this gig has run over the C2C weekend in Glasgow at THE FERRY. The event is run by UK Country Live and Buckle & Boots along with the BCMA. Official photos from the gig were taken by Dan Schofield of DJS Photography and should be available on DJS Photography website at and also UK Country Live Facebook page.

Hopefully I can also upload a couple of videos to my YouTube Channel which comes under my name Doddie Munro.

On Saturday we were treated to some great music from American artist Kenny Foster along with the remarkable Demi Marriner and Robbie Cavanagh playing an in the round session. For me this was the 1st time hearing Kenny Foster and his song writing and singing is great. It was all new music to me and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

In the round set each artist did a song then it moved onto the next act and they went round 3 times. After Kenny the baton was passed to Demi who again I’ve never seen her before but I have heard a few songs and it was so good to hear her live. I’m terrible at remembering song names but again I was very impressed to hear her music. 3rd up was another new artist to me Robbie Cavanagh who again I thoroughly enjoyed.

The stories behind all their songs were great to hear. The highlight for me was when Demi and Robbie did a duet and I was thoroughly GOBSMACKED.

We then had a break to allow the crew to set up for the next act when we got the opportunity to talk to the 3 acts who had got us warmed up and I took the chance to ask Demi and Robbie if they would do the duet again when they came back on the Sunday.

The main acts on Saturday were Jade Helliwell who gave us a few of her new songs mixed in with some of her older tracks. She had a wee bit of backing and support from a Luke Thomas and both of them together make a great sound.

Next up was Gary Quinn who entertained us with some great tracks and he was then also supported by Luke to do a couple of tracks.

3rd up of the main acts was American artist Jenn Bostic who is in my eyes absolutely brilliant and of course with her song choices she had us like putty in her hands. Jenn has got the ability to bowl me over with her emotional story and words of her song Jealous of the Angels and I’ve asked her to stop throwing dust into the crowd when she sings it as there were a few watery eyes on the go when she started singing it.

The next act was Glasgow band Ashton Lane who mixed old and new songs into their set to keep us going. For people not familiar with Ashton Lane I would recommend them to look the band up on social media where they are great at doing bespoke songs and wee live sessions and they are very good at releasing free music to you.

The final act of the day was Sean C Kennedy who once again I had never heard before and I did enjoy his lively set and stories. Sean is someone that I wouldn’t hesitate to look up again at a future gig.

That was the end of day 1 at The Ferry

Country 2 Country UK artist on pop up stage

Later on Saturday night as part of the C2C festival we were able to see Glasgow singer song writer Katee Kross who had secured a slot on the SSE Acoustic Stage which was situated in the SSE Music Score. Such was the popularity of her set that the security had to stop more people coming in to see her.

I have got to know Katee and her music over the last few months and as a lot of my FB friends know I rave about her a LOT. On my FB page there are a few videos and links to my FB live broadcasts. To say I was gobsmacked at her performance would be an understatement and along with her partner Ross they took full advantage of the late slot invite as this was the BEST performance I and many of her family had ever seen.

Country on the Clyde Day2

Day 2 started with the in the round session with Gary Quinn, Jade Helliwell and Jenn Bostic all singing 3 songs in rotation. Jade started the session and along with a few wee stories of how the songs came about we were treated to more of Jades fantastic voice.

Gary Quinn was up next and again with a few wee stories entertained us no end. 3rd and last on the stage was Jenn Bostic who is just remarkable and I can assure you there were a few itchy eyes again as during the round she sang her most emotional song Jealous Of The Angels.

After the stage was reset we were treated to some great music from Demi Marriner then Robbie Cavanagh who were both great individually but sticking them together singing duets this was a new found level of entertaining us. I really hope that they will record the duet of THIS HOUSE.

Next up was Kenny Foster who treated us to some more great music from America and he also fitted right in with his wee anecdotes about his night in Glasgow.

After Kenny there was another new act for me Morganway who had come up from the South East and if you haven’t heard them again I would thoroughly recommend a listen to them.

The final performance of this year’s gig came from Simon James and the Deep River Pilots who treated us to a mix of Simons old and new music and I look forward to hearing more from him.

In summary this gig has provided a great supplementary entertainment for us in Glasgow where we don’t have all the pop ups provided by C2C.

Looking forward to next year’s event and special thanks to all involved in organizing the event and to all the acts please keep doing what you do and keep MUSIC LIVE.

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