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Won't Forget This Night - Donna Marie Songs 14/2/18

I'm Keren Morrall and I feel honoured to have been asked if I would review a brand new song by Donna Marie.

This song is a ballad. It's also a duet featuring the beautiful voice of Thorne Hill.

It's about the thoughts of 2 people who are about to spend and evening together and they both want to tell the other person that they have fallen in love with them and want to spend the rest of their lives with them. But both have doubts because they have both been hurt in the past. But then... they have the rest of their lives to get it right.

It puts me in mind of a love song that would be sung in a stage musical as it is not your typical duet. Show songs tell you what the singer is thinking, it tells a story in a precise manner as some musicals have no dialogue at all. This song does that. I can see them each walking on from opposite sides of the stage singing as they go and meeting up in the middle.

Donna not only wrote it, and sang it but she recorded, mixed and produced it too.

I absolutely love it.



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