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Wolverhampton Country Night 24th February 2018

We arrived slightly late. This is becoming a habit. Why do we always get behind novice drivers when we are in a flippin hurry.

We only missed half of Helena Mace's first song luckily. There were a couple of sound issues during her set. I am not sure her guitar was plugged in most of the time but it didn't detract from an enjoyable set. I recognised a couple of her songs. In the break afterwards it was lovely to finally meet Helena who I have been talking to on facebook for the past year or so.

Emma Moore was the next performer tonight. We haven't seen her since Little Mountain 6 months ago and it was lovely to hear some new songs. She did a lovely cover of a Willie Nelson song. I didn't know the original but I absolutely loved her version. Emma is off to record her new music in Nashville in a fortnight so I look forward to hearing that.

This was week 3 of our Angels marathon and I have rechristened them. They are now The Angels with Biscuit Faces after Dan won a box of biscuits in the raffle. So tonight was a different Angels format yet again. Dan on cajon with Neil on bass & vocals. Stuart on acoustic guitar and vocals Kalli (the boss) on vocals. Well someone has to keep them in line. They always put on a great show.

Week 4 with them next week but in the meantime I will leave you with the fallen angel with the biscuit face. Such a talented singer/songwriter and he plays a mean guitar too.

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