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Review of An Audience With..... 17/2/18

Last night was an incredible event.

It was organised by Charman Promotions in collaboration with Inspire Records.

Stewart Charman is a 22 year old with a passion for country music. He has been involved with organising the Welshpool Country Music Festival but decided he wanted to put on an event of his own. Collaborating with Inspire Records to bring you An Audience With.....

The venue was stunning. It was held at Welshpool Indoor Market/Town Hall . A nice room with a stage, high panelled ceilings and it's own bar. There were about 8 circular tables set out.

The first band of the evening were One Crow Sorrow. I have heard of them before but had never seen them perform. For me they were neither what you would class as traditional country but they weren't modern either, Nesting somewhere in the middle. They like to write what they call their odes to Welshpool. We had a chat to them at the end of the night. Nice lads who would like to come and play a little further afield from their home town.

One Crow Sorrow

Simon Clewlow was our next performer. He has the most stunning voice and I love the way he plays his guitar. There were some people sitting next to us on our table who had come to check out the bands as they organise The Pig Festival. I am pretty sure that the lady bought Simons single online 2 songs into his set. They really liked his music.. He co-wrote a song called Vintage Photo Frame with Charlotte Elizabeth that went straight into the ITunes country chart at #3 last week.

BCMA Horizon Award winner Emma Swindells and her band Rich, Dan and sister Clare were our next performers. It was lovely to see them perform on a big stage. They host the Wolverhampton Country Night once a month. They were drummer less last night and Emma is just getting over a chest infection, but they put on a fabulous show. They did songs from their #1 ep 'Radio Silence' as well as some firm favourites. They also decided to do Fleetwood Macs 'The Chain'. We saw them do this for the first time last month and I am very glad that they have decided to keep it in their set. Absolutely brilliant and we managed to film it too.

Our Angels With Dirty Faces headlined the evening. These guys never disappoint. A set full of passion and energy, with a few lovely harmonies thrown in. These guys are so good at what they do. A couple of covers and songs from their first self titled ep and then there is that wonderful little song called 'Shatter Like Glass' which got to #4 in the ITunes country chart. Still my favourite song from 2016. Still my favourite song ever I think.

Stewart is wanting to put on events like this at regular intervals throughout the year. It was nice to meet radio DJ Craig Parry for the first time last night too. I think we will enjoy a few more trips to Welshpool in the future. You should be very proud of what you accomplished Stewart Charman. Well done.

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