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Frankie Davies supporting Josh Kelley 5/2/18 Glasgow

Well that’s the start of my gig season come around at long last with my 1st trip of the season down to Glasgow.

American Josh Kelley (brother of Lady A singer Charles) was the main act giving us a great acoustic set but as this is a blog for Forever British Country I’m going to concentrate on the support act, the delightful Frankie Davies from The Channel Island of Jersey.

The venue was King Tuts Wah Wah Hut which is a very busy venue in Glasgow for gigs including all genres of music.

As a lot of artists know I like to ask before gigs if it’s Ok to take videos at gigs and during my 4hr trip south I did message Frankie and a very quick response later everything was set for the night.

Quite often I don’t precheck any of the artists that are new to me as it is sometimes nice to turn up at gigs not knowing what to expect.

Having only heard very limited amounts of Frankie’s music on YouTube I am delighted to say that boy was I in for a surprise.

Her self penned tracks were a great delight to hear and her engagement with the audience throughout her set was a pleasure to be part of. I’m sure some of you may already know about Miss Davies but If you don’t I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her music to you all. If the videos turn out ok I will add them to the Forever British Country page for you to listen to. During the acoustic set Frankie spoke about the origins of her songs and how these were developed which was very interesting.

After her set Frankie was only too willing to speak to members of the audience along with her mum and she also had a few copies of her EP (Dancing All Night) which she kindly signed for us as well.

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